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can you guys remind me to participate in this week? ><

ignore the noob movements of my buddies, we just got our open water diver certification, so ye, we do be noobs xd

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I've done 5 dives in 3 days, I can still hear the regulator sound in my head lmao thanks for confusing the fuck out of me with the new follow button, I hate you. Also this font is shit.

This is kinda what I my legs look like at the office :3

I shall add to this the price wouldn't be 9 bucks like most onlyfans obviously, it'd be more like 2,50 xd

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Whoever voted no, fair enough, thanks for being honest xd

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I posted this to fedi but I guess I'll get more answers here so
I probably wont ever make an onlyfans but im curious:

Would you guys subscribe to my onlyfans if I didn't post actual nudes but only more suggestive imagery than I do publicly? (mostly tum pics) xd

reasons why Fedi > Twitter:
I can fit entire copypastas like this mf in one post xddd

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