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I really like my bed glowing in pink at night, it's really pretty uwu

This might b too lewd for this account but fuck it, you can have it >\\\>

Not to imply there aren't any good things about being an independent adult... but fuck... adulting is hard man ;-;

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Where have the last 23 years of my life gone tbh... Like shit I need to go back at least 8

Not to imply you can't be queer and have a beard btw.

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Like I have it set to Woman, but because I don't really identify as a Man lmao I'm sorta queer... And I definitely do not have a beard xd

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Men that are like... Actual men with beards and shit that set their "show in searches for" to "Woman"??? Like bro why? Like I'd understand if you were trans or a femboy or something like that, but like hello? you identify as a man??

Me: *sits in chair*

How's BitClout doing? Did the scam get listed in any exchanges yet?

Literally deleted and posted again the same tweet 3 times, this thing really needs an edit button...

We are feelings, and we have human beings. - Mariano Rajoy, former president of Spain, 2016

We are feelings, and we have human beings. - Mariano Rajoy, president of Spain, 2016



honestly upload leg pics and you get a like from me no matter how terrible you think they are xd

Ignore the cable mess, I'm tryna start a fire at the power brick so I die in my sleep :3

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