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If you cut a sandwich in half, do you have two halfs of a sandwich or two sandwiches?

TFW Valve Complete pack is free... Oh no wait it's just that I already own all the games... smh

God fuck my eyes. Can people just like learn some grammar? smfh

sucking dick isn't gay, guys, it's just homosexual...

Hey, y'all sucking on Facebooks cock through Instagram, Oculus, Whatsapp and etc should probably watch this video.
Also consider ditching Twitter for Mastodon if you're convinced enough, and join me on Jabber, I'm

how tf do peoole still buy membrane keyboards? like dude you have mech keyboards for literally cheaper than membrane nowadays... your fingers and ears will thank you...

how tf does gboard always manage to screw up what i type? i hate phone keyboards

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