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Might be time to take my mouse apart and solder new switches... Don't buy Razer Naga Trinity mouses, they come with shit switches apparently, mine keep double clicking...

There is a train stop on the way to work named "Baron's tower" shit sounds epic asf xd

I might actually have to change 3D avatars, I love this one but apparently it's a vocaloid, probably registered to a company, so I can't be havin' that as my avatar >< I might look into creating one myself or commissioning one...

Twitch is actually kinda fucking garbage... Like it has awesome streamers, don't get me wrong, and the community is fucking awesome, but Twitch itself, the organization is utter fucking garbage.

Websites that play sound when you open them? like NO? Who the fuck gave you permission?

Dude you're so fucking hot, sexy and wholesome Your personality Is so kind and nice too — I... t-thanks? ><

Imma play a bit of TrackMania if you guys wanna watch a dumb neko saying stupid shit with hand tracking and stuff while he plays TM xd

well... disappointed but not surprised, no one joined xd

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I have hands as in I got a fucking Leap Motion, come check it out lmao

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This is probably not what you expected, but yes, the headset never comes off KEKW

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