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My breath still fucking stinks of kebab help

I may or may not have just bought this thing, I'm Pog asf rn

from now on if I don't know wtf to reply I'll just send a random ass pic from my gallery.

YouTube Music's "Your Mix" just fucking Rickrolled me... I hate(love) you xd

SMH terrible experience with this police officer today...

If you could slow down time, what would you do with that power? — Take more time to teach myself stuff that I wouldn't otherwise be able to learn because time goes way too fast...

Someone explain why my brother feels the unstoppable need to explain every single among us match he plays to me? Like idfc that you're playing among us god damn it leave me alone, talk to me when u got something interesting to say... PLEASE stop moving the fingerprint sensor to the front, I know having it under the screen looks all cool and shit but it's slow as fuck and not ergonomic at all. Leave it at the back.

I'm literally blocking Samsung. Gtfo my tl, you're just as shit as Apple.

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