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CodyTheFag relayed

Twitter: See tweets in any language?
Me: *Clicks see less often* Fuck off.

I am willing to bet that like 70% of people do the same thing or straight up ignore it. Why does Twitter keep shoving it in our face? A true mystery.

fucking... good morning... I guess... im tired... help

Objectivo: No masturbarme
Obstucalo: Oioioi senior taco tortilla

I have consumed chockie milk I will now proceed to sleep uwu nini

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I think every US president ever has started their legislature looking a lot better than when they left the white house, pressure takes a toll.
Except for Donald Trump, he looks just as deranged as when he started his legislature, maybe because he never gave a shit lmao

Twitter? Why are you showing me 6 days old tweets without anyone retweeting them / replying to them?
This is the stupidest, most satisfactory thing I have watched today. You're welcome.

For those of you that chose the second option, it's one of the best examples out there of non-euclidean games that I've seen. It's a true masterpiece, I played it a long time ago, and if you haven't played it, you REALLY should, it's a great game.

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