Honestly, getting to be president in the US is like unlocking God Mode, and that's a fucking problem...

As much as I love Among Us, both the game and the developer of the game, I'll say the same I say with all games that suddenly go super popular... Shit's getting a bit annoying already... It doesn't need to be fucking everywhere.

Oh wait, it's ALL the .mid files from '98, they're still there, @Barnacules@twitter.com is playing them on stream rn lmao

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Oh shit! Found a residual Easter Egg from Windows98, C:\Windows\Media\onestop.mid it's fucking lit too lmao

A world in which innocent people go to jail, and corrupt pigs run the economy and government?

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It is not ok to imprison someone for telling the truth and blowing the whistle on MAJOR cases of CORRUPTION AND MASS SURVILLIANCE, WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE, Why does nobody give a flying fuck about anything? Is this REALLY the world we want?

I mean... nothing wrong with Rihanna but not right now? xd

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Mrbeast6000 oooo mrbeast6000 yeah you know his name, he changed it once or twice but I think it's here to stay

Same way I defend individual freedom and even small enterprise freedom, I think big multinationals can, and should be forced to operate decently or they can crash and burn.

I'm about to literally add a DNI to my profile for brain-dead people that defend shitty company practices. I can't fucking stand humanity I swear to god... Do they fucking pay you to defend them or what the fuck? You're being raped in the ass and you keep defending them... jfc...

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