@maedra@mastodon.social The right man in the wrong place can make. All the difference in. the world. So. wake up. Mr Freeman. Wake up. And. Smell the ashes.

@maedra@mastodon.social Not. that I wish to imply you have been sleeping on. The job. Noone is more deserving of a rest. And all the effort in the world would've gone to waste. until. well. let's just say your hour has. come again.

@posweg pues soy puto imbécil porque no fui capaz cuando lo intenté xd a ver que también fue hace como 4 años cuando lo intente but xdxd

@posweg I say we kill fucking Tim Cook and work our way down the biggest enterprises in the world list all the way down to Ramon Laguarta

Yuri pic bot is one of the most wholesome things on this place, there never is a lack of gay girls kissing in my TL xd

@shoofle F well that's exactly what they feel like, it's typing heaven, using something similar right now, Razer Greens :3

topless selfie but like no nipples showing 

@codingneko ah I have another pic in these but like I'm not wearing anything but the socks in that pic (no pp visible tho) should I upload? >\\\<

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