.@Google@twitter.com .@YouTube@twitter.com EXCUSE ME???? I did not think this day would come, but this is a massive violation of user privacy and I can not accept this shit anymore. I'm done with you fuckers. I'm going to be removing my google accounts. I hope you fucking crash and burn.

I take the train every day to go to work, and man, the NPCs that spawn in it are some of the wildest shit you can imagine, here is an example xd

Uhm... custom nuts are live on nutracker.fun owo

Note: Observations are not displayed anywhere yet, but they will. So if you want to use them, they're there :3

skdndndjs you should follow fighter jet too uwu he big cutie

Normal people: *uses router with default settings*
Me: *uses router connected to another router with its own LAN and uses the main routers LAN connected to the WAN port of the second router with custom DNS to access the internet*

Should I do this? Even though most of you probably already know me? xd

Hmm I need your thoughts on something... Thigh highs... or No thigh highs?

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