Do you guys think most people would still be heterosexual if they weren't taught from birth that thy're supposed to frick cisgender people of the opposite gender?

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@codingneko You can just use bi/pan and 99.99% of people will be cool about it.

Also, you can say fuck. XD
Anyway, definitely more people would be non-straight, as there are people that grow up not knowing about homosexuality and then when they learn about it they discover "shit I'm into this".
What I don't know is how many more.

@codingneko Oh yeah, you did say "most".

I feel like that would be more 50/50.
If I'm looking at my social group, that ratio is closer to 80/20 or something.
But also conservative, religious, traditional people exist, definitely heterosexual.
So my global estimate is 50/50 or 60/40 in favor of straights.
There's definitely a lot more lgbt than we think, but honestly take those numbers with a grain of salt.

@codingneko I kinda feel like the culture of traditionalism makes one less likely to be gay. I have little basis for that, it's just a thought.

I get your point, though.

@codingneko Hmmmm... I don't think so, no. People might say "it's not a choice that I'm gay", and that might be right, but likings are more malleable than most people assume. I do think heterosexuality would be a lot less common if that were the case

We're kinda taught not to like it, for most of us it is a unlearning experience. And even then, before having clear that I was bi I was always like "ew no, can't even imagine myself kissing a man" because I was thinking of "traditional males". I do still feel yucky when thinking about it, but if it's not manly man like codi im like

hell fucking yea
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