Oh apparently @code@twitter.com are in charge of VSC, could you guys check out the above tweet?

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I literally want to fucking die, I must have deleted the fucking import statement like 25000 times by now.

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.@VisualStudio@twitter.com Not sure if you're also in charge of VSCode, but if you could add a "Do not autoimport this" button to auto-import suggestions I'd literally be the happiest man on earth. I'm trying to code tests, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I go 'assert.' it imports assert from console.

Sorry, that Tweet has been deleted.
Hmm...this page doesn’t exist. Try searching for something else.

In heaven there is no beer
That's why we drink it here

.@SpaceX@twitter.com just did a fucking bottle flip challenge with a 50 meter tall 1320 ton silo with a cone and flaps that went up 10 km. I... have no words xd

Imagine if Pokemons in Pokemon GO were Fantom Opera NFTs

Hit them with this furry shit
They don't see it cummin'

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Hey I got a little itch
You think you can help me?
Only 7 inches long?

In a scale of 1 to Pepsi at Domino's pizza, how free are you tonight?

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