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This might b too lewd for this account but fuck it, you can have it >\\\>

Went scuba diving today for the first time in my life uwu it was really fun, I might look for a place to do it in my city so I can do it fairly frequently ^^

If we can't live without each other, we're doing something wrong.

note: I shouldn't fucking be here. I should be sleeping, goodnight lol

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Fun fact: My spanish account's display name means "massive cock bro" xd

Honestly I really like the Bi flag, best colour combination.

Can anyone edit my AVI and put a bisexual flag ribbon around it? I'm on a MAC with no Photoshop (plus it fucking sucks so I wouldn't be able to use it anyway xd)

Also, you can try to have multiple lighting spots where the light of an object mixes with the light of another creating gradients like here.

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Also try and have the diodes NOT be visible, you should be able to see the light coming out, but not where it comes from. Sort of like if the object you're trying to make stand out was glowing.

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Tip for installing LED lights:
Don't line your entire ceiling with them, LED lights are for making stuff stand out, put them behind your table, behind your monitor, your TV, hell, under your chair, on your bed or under a shelf.

(opinions are like assholes)

Fucking hell, just got in the train. It's even worse. Went from Moscow to straight up Siberia.

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Why is the train station like 87 degrees celcius colder than outside?

There is nothing you can do to change it.
You don't have to do the crime to do the time.
It's just guilt by association.

Truth be told, I'm quite scared of getting older...

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