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This might b too lewd for this account but fuck it, you can have it >\\\>

I want cute femboy mutuals from Barcelona, is that too much to ask for? ;~;

ok ur cute we get it, you don't have to also be dumb.

Waking up at 4:45 AM to the sound of your flatmate having basic bitch dick in hole sex is really not the best thing ever oh well

skjwsdijej oniony senpai likes the most random posts i stg

Omg my bed is so freaking comf god I love my bed 💕

Findom really not my thing... every time I see someone that does it I'm like... why would anyone... I think I understand cropophilia more than I do findom xd

Not even sure if I got the numbers right but seriously, the imperial unit system is such a fucking clusterfuck...

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