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I was thonking of painting my pinky nail pastel blue, my ring finger nail pastel pink and my middle finger nail pastel blue, but that'd make a trans flag and I'm not trans and I'm sure people would ask and... awkwarddddddddd I don't wanna explain shit >~< I just think it's cute and trans people are nice ok? smh

I said goodnight to bae like 6 times today xdddd she kept replying with the cutest shit imaginable and I couldn't keep myself from replying

Yuri pic bot is one of the most wholesome things on this place, there never is a lack of gay girls kissing in my TL xd

@codingneko ah I have another pic in these but like I'm not wearing anything but the socks in that pic (no pp visible tho) should I upload? >\\\<

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IoT lewd things... 

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