now has avatar support, you'll just have to upload the images to imgur or something like that cause I can't be fucked to actually upload them to my server so you have a URL field on settings, paste an image URL there and you're set! is down for mantenience, I'm changing the database to mongodb! This should make everything more stable and make it easier to develop new features :3

holy fuck 4 times in a day, whoever you are, it looks like you're having fun >\\>

It's still very much a work in progress, it WILL be glitchy as fuck and look like shit, especially in mobile

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Hello, I would like to introduce you to NuTracker. A place to track ur nuts.

Wowowowow wtf is happening in the US???? KEKW

Do you think there's an effective way to lose interest on anything? — oof idk >< not intentionally... just try to forget about it, and eventually...

So how do you feel about Creepy Uncle Joe, the #.ThiefInChief , stealing the election? —
> Loses election
> Tries to steal election from Biden
> Fails miserably and gets told to grow up by everybody

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