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tfw this is the only platform that i use without a pure white background for poasts

its been a while but can i offer you a wooloo in this trying time

[thinks abt splatoon and just goes fucking cazy]

it is with a heavy heart that i must announce that i love computers

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misconception: masto posts are worth less because they get less attention than they would on mainstream/centralised sites

reality: the exchange rate between masto favs and twitter/tumblr likes is ludicrously high

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sane people: fast-foward merging upstream changes to their local repo

me: hard-resetting to origin/master because ive not only abandoned but killed god

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We need to start breaking fingers when someone tries to sidestep consent. No, creeping on teens, pressuring until someone gives in, or being horny at complete strangers is not consent. It's predatory and your fingers are now on the line.

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i think chickens are inherently righteous animals

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Trans culture is going through 3rd puberty when you transition from being dead to undead

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did dick dastardly ever dress up as a vampire and call himself count dratula

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"The art of debugging a computer program is to figure out what you really told the computer to do instead of what you thought you told it to do." -Andrew Singer.

the Silph-Co github org exists solely to put my porygon-fixation-induced creations and i think thats very sexy of me even if its so empty rn

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