tomorrow i will obtain a home theatre gaming pc, which still feels like an oxymoron to me

tumblr staff better review my theme update in the coming week or im going to start bleating

i swear it didnt used to be so hard to play on a gameboy without a backlight. maybe i was just exposed to more sunlight in the past... maybe i should make an effort to be exposed to more sunlight in the future

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any woman born after 1993 can't solder... all they know is adafruit , rattail splice, lift pad, $5 solder sucker , touch hot iron & die

youve heard of markdown, now get ready for deanup

keeping the local timeline open as i toot to make sure i have chosen the correct visibility snetting

am i allowed to post the word "penis" on here

tumblr was already my favourite social media site just by default since it was the first one i started using, but it's now still my favourite site due to it being so very very programmable for

no i will not ever run my own mastodon instance

yaaay it let me change my avatar this time


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When I was a kid I thought a "space heater" was "space age technology that emits heat", not "something that heats a space". I envisioned a floating orb.

the transgenders, from the planet cybrespace,

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If you are a Facebook user in Illinois, you might be eligible for $200 to $400 of damages to compensate you for Facebook's violation of your biometric privacy. Check out:

i would type sentences about my open-source work here but the problem is that all my programming is for a different social media platform

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gender reveal parties teach us that we need a new pronoun set for people who are on fire

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Why is it that the "frightening AI" news stories these days seem to be about AI that's frighteningly bad, rather than AI that's frighteningly good?

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*me, starting a youtube video* ah cool. its a youtube video that was rendered at 60fps!! aa.. hang on....... that must mean.......... its a GAMER youtube video!!!!!! *immediately closes tab*

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