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@aral this is really disappointing to read. Equating a country full of people to Nazis because of the current administration is exactly the kind of thing that damages ordinary Russian people. This is eerily similar to the relationship towards Japanese people during WWII. It is possible to take a materialist understanding towards a conflict and understand that no matter who you think the good guys are, its bad for everyone caught in the middle

Honestly expected better from you.

@protodrew I honestly hope @aral doesn't mean half of what he said, he just spoke in anger.

But if he did... Gee... Thanks, I guess...

just found out someone did a 19 minute documentary on spending 5 years trying to track down the origin of :cools:

I'm 37 and there are about 2 ska/punk shows I want to see this summer.

Youtuber reacts at reaction videos to own reaction videos

.io domains are based on a colonial lie, the dispossession of an entire people by the brutish empire.

And now the cost of that is falling due. I cannot begin to describe how happy this makes me.

update: first client mod is working! protondb ratings directly in the steam client

(and you can click on them to open the protondb page)

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People currently in and people who know about what I’m asking, what’s the current state of accessing information normally censored, eg via

if i currently have 0 investment in either or which one should i go for?

concerned about availability and maturity of functionality, stability and portability of the configuration

connecting with my 17-year old guild wars 1 account -- will I receive 10 birthday presents ???

Why yes I love , coding in MS Typescript using MS vscode on my MS/Linux WSL machine and uploading it all on MS GitHub which builds and updates MS npm

Olivier Véran: "Les soldats russes sont vaccinés majoritairement avec sputnik qui n’est pas reconnu par la France. Sans un schéma vaccinal complet, ils ne pourront pas nous envahir." (AFP)

Probably one of my favorite game OST: "Transistor" by Darren Korb. Such a great game, but an even better soundtrack 💜

When you have a song stuck in your head

and it’s 0118 999 881 999 119 725


aaaah i forgot how normal it was back in the day to download game mods as huge opaque binaries from random forum threads and following advice to disable anti malware software before installing

*ignores modern content delivery clients running daemons in ring-0*

yeaaah, wild times...

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