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❝ We love to buy books because we believe we're buying the time to read them

—Warren Zevon

maybe i could use the official ios app if it wasn't loading the toots 1 by 1 and also wasn't missing half of any thread's contents for whatever reason

so trump's app "truth social" is out, and i'm all trying to figure out which already available app they ripped

current events in Ukraine; ukpol 

Just look at him go! You can feel the excitement

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current events in Ukraine; ukpol 

I guess Boris is glad war looms in the east so that, at the same time, everyone gets distracted away from his shenanigans and that he gets to cosplay his favourite Secretary of State for the Colonies

love getting a mandatory update for *check notes* PSN integration (i don't have PSN) and nitro exclusive features (i don't pay for nitro)

Looking for a service that is that rips videos (eg the contents of a channel) extracting audio only and publishing a feed of the results.

Anything like that exists ?

Pol Fr, PCF 

transformation du PCF en parti de droite", épisode n°213432432.

parsing (scraping) the html returned by the `UnrealEngine UWeb Web Server Build 469` is nothing short of terrible omg

Laura Kalbag: Web3 — creating problems where we need solutions

#web3 #web0

ukpol; prince andrew 

kinda bummed it ends so quietly tbh. i'd have looked forward to seeing andrew convicted and dragged away.
kinda bummed by the victorious headlines like "it's cost him a fortune!", but no it didn't, he as 10 times any amount he secretly payed; "it's going to forever be a stain on his reputation", sure, as if a rich mf among other rich mfs would need any such thing as reputation and being upstanding when everyone in these circles is involved in some kind of shady business

so there you have it, a royal rapist paedophile human trafficker roaming free, whose only punishment is that he's not going to be on the telly for a while

Suddenly, their closed source bionic eye implants lost their updates.

Their implants: now "obsolete, and unsupported".

The employees were laid off.

What happens to the patients when software upgrades are gone?

#FOSS matters.

#OpenSource #Firmware #Bionic #Transhumanism #Implant #Medical #News

Always funny these little cost-estimate tools that output a dollar figure for a given codebase

my little toy project i spent a few days on (1121 sloc):

Estimated Cost to Develop $32,513
Estimated Schedule Effort 4.173271 months
Estimated People Required 0.922881

Herrm i'm underpayed lol

Not sure if this of interest here:

Guide for getting started with bluetooth development on linux (some personal info required but no verification needed so you may stuff the form if necessary)

oh so you think linux is broken? you have no idea until you try to use bluetooth equipment...

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