Sometimes the absence of a real search feature feels like a drag... and wrt the rampant abuse on the fediverse, I wonder if it was a good trade-off anyway.

@polychrome oooh Winspector. I never watched anything but I had a toy when I was little 😅

@polymerwitch @drwho yes I guess that’s what happens when all you do is plug sponsors with keeping the lowest technical level possible...

I think I know who you are referring to as the dude, and he’s one of them larping « hacker content » on YouTube, good production value to sell those sweet sponsored subscriptions

*register a domain name*
*add Founder and CEO to my bio*
Look I’m doing iiiit

@zauberin @celesteh @dashie what's even funnier is that on multiple occasions, I've seen people, on the matrix support channel, actively help the owner (neetzche / cyberdemon) of / (cw: fascist stuff) set up their own peertube instance

is supposed to be this great hacker-run opensource jewel but the reality of the development process (not only code, but features and behaviours) feel like a large corpo sludge. Way to go...

These past few days have been a bit stressful

server died a mysterious death and I had to do an emergency migration to a temporary host to give me some time to find a new, proper one

And migrated again a second time today

And thank you past me for having diligently set up a backup and recovery plan; unfortunately we still lost a few hours worth of discussions (snapshot was from the night before the meltdown)

Still, users are happy the impact was controlled and eventually it helped reinforce confidence in the infrastructure’s resilience

Good stuff ’s federation catchup is seamless

is funny though. Every year, it surfaces that the info from several dozens to hundreds of millions of accounts have been leaked but apparently it’s ok

It’s impossible for me to remember to keep up with Neko Atsume

@fribbledom oh no it’s terrible, a PR nightmare for Facebook, i don’t think they’ll recover this time, I’m sure the company leaders are red with shame, public authorities will want an enquiry and there will be consequences /s

@mk @cwebber
yes I know what you meant, and I replied in kind

but you have to understand that a threat model varies from person to person. Most people will happily settle for Signal or iMessage since those provide e2ee and that's probably good enough for their needs.

e2e encrypted p2p chat over tor probably fits a more serious threat model, and those who qualify for such a threat model will absolutely learn the technical skills to stay safe.

Not to mention that most technical hurdles can be abstracted and polished away for the end user, e.g. if you just consider e2ee as such, it is a complex technical mechanism that comes with caveats, but in many programs those are clear enough and the program polished enough for general consumption.

But polish and general consumption aren't the focus of a proof of concept, as you are surely aware.

On a separate note, your objections look orthogonal to the stated design goals in OP, so they don't look too relevant.

@mk @cwebber clearly this wasn’t intended to demonstrate a use case for your mother

@drwho 1200 commits for a joke is what I call dedication

Feu, tabac 

@Sigried avec une allumette extra longue, une fois, elle s’est cassée au milieu et le bout enflammé est parti voler à travers la pièce vers le tapis. J’avais été un peu énergique à l’allumage je crois.

Ptite frayeur quoi :blobnervous:

been recently made aware of the laughably dumb scam operation , a RBL that simply blacklists whole ASNs (e.g. all of OVH at the moment) and asks for money in exchange for whitelisting (with no guarantee not to be blacklistd again).

Language used is that of ransomwares lol

ukpol bristol 

And good on the Bristol communities. I’m sure the harbour can still take a fair amount of useless junk.

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ukpol bristol 

« We’ve talked about reflections on what happened in Bristol and what we need to do to reassure communities and keep our communities safe in Bristol and across the country. Over the next few weeks it’s a very difficult time in policing. » - Police chief Andy Marsh

I mean, police vehicles torched, police station stoned, police officers hurt. My humble guess is that the « communities » aren’t the ones being targeted right now lol. But as usual, spin spin spin.

@lulucybrelu c'est rigolo que la barre soit placée à 20 et pas à XX, mais c'est ptet juste moi

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