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Gonna try to leave this account behind — and try to migrate everyone, dear followers, to the new home

Please bear with me

Gonna try to leave this account behind — and try to migrate everyone, dear followers, to the new home

Please bear with me

So, I have this cord (usb connector end of an Xbox 360 wireless game pad receiver) which was getting difficult, as in the receiver would only power on if the cable directly attached to the plastic usbA connector body was at a certain angle, which would suggest some damage inside the cord itself

And that ended today — not powering on at all in any position

I’m considering some surgery on the cord, just so I could possibly resolder the connector on a sane piece of cable but there’s this bulging thing 2 cm from the connector, which looks important but doesn’t leave much length to work with on my resold set adventure.

Anyone could explain what that round bit is, if it is important (I guess it is) and if I’m not taking on a too dangerous operation as a profane (ie would I risk making it more difficult to repair if I fail)

Asking for a friend

ffs le fil d’actu, là, c’est quoi le bail
Pas forcément très au fait du YouTube game mais euh, ok, on est de gauche* mais on vire full faf pour « sauver la Fronce », je l’avais pas vue venir

*pas de gauche

je suis tombée sur un super site pour apprendre à lacer ses chaussures et y'en a plein qui me font à moitié rire et à moitié me mettre extrêmement mal à laise :

Funny* how some, not all, bad interactions make me want to burn this account down…
* not funny

@Sandra sorry you feel like you wasted your time, I didn't feel you were advocating for LREM, rather that you were expressing the urgency to block RN

i hope the rest of your day was more enjoyable

@Sandra that's the thing -- even a 90-10 result in favour of Macron would not be a "resounding defeat of the fascists", because the fascists are also in Macron's team (Blanquer, Darmanin, Castaner,..).

This run off is fascist v. fascist

Now I do agree that Le Pen will be way worse (not just because she deals directly with neonazi militias) and I do hope she'll be denied the presidency.

But i also understand what @silmathoron is saying about the thinnest victory margin possible: a big score in the run off would be immediately spun by macron's team as a nonnegotiable mandate to carry out his policies, like it was for Chirac in 2002. This is also very dangerous, more so since Chirac maliciously synchronised both executive and legislative elections to happen simultaneously. Least bad outcome this year is a thin margin victory and a hung parliament.

@Sandra I get what you mean

I wouldn’t call it cake though

More like a shovel of dirt…

So it’s been a few months that YouTube shorts are out, and oh boy it’s hilariously bad, like

You don’t get to choose what’s coming next, so it’s exactly like watching tv, and

The content is absolutely dreadful, like half of it is either Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Joe Rogan interviewing Elon Musk, random scenes from some boring marvel movie captioned « badass », Minecraft footage from a 9 year-old or Red Dead redemption cut scenes

The other half is TikTok memes

And I swear, my normal algorithm-flavoured feed is nothing like that… wow

re: tales of the Anarkat, long, religious trauma I was going to ask what became of the subaru you had fixed while on a trip a year or two ago

The standup night show from hell

Bill Burr
Frankie Boyle
Jimmy Carr
Ricky Gervais

Still maintaining my hit list, I’m sure there are so many more, but I think these may be the überlords

frpol ; Pécresse 

tfw you face consequences for any of your actions

Tellement crevé hier soir je me suis endormi en sursaut

frpol; pas très important à ce stade mais ça m'emmerde de pas l'avoir vu remarqué ailleurs ou alors j'ai des øillères de ouf 

ptet que je passe pour celui qui fait l'intéressant, mais le parti de Zemmour s'appelle Reconquète en écho à la Reconquista espagnole, pour bien enfoncer le caractère anti-islam de sa plateforme hein

re: META/NFT/Dee Snider/Zuckerberg 

@shaen @TheGibson kill your heroes

« Another musician, however, has been taking a more sanguine view of Trump. Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider, a former contestant on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice TV show, said the tycoon had asked permission to use Twister Sister’s song We’re Not Gonna Take It at the end of his rallies, and he had been happy to agree.

“Donald Trump is a good friend and a great guy, and I support him turning the political system on its head. The song We’re Not Gonna Take It is a song about rebellion, and there’s nothing more rebellious than what Donald Trump is doing right now,” Snider told TMZ (via Blabbermouth). “Although [Democratic presidential candidate] Bernie Sanders can use it as well; he’s turning things upside down too.”

Snider said it was possible Twisted Sister would perform the song at a Trump rally, if asked. »

Took me a while to notice that H.Bomberguy inverted his hair

@Freyja oui c’est très décevant

Pour mettre un peu de contexte et situer politiquement la couverture (on s’en doute mais quand même), il s’agit de la une du daily mail (« daily fail »), parmi les pires torchons du pays , dont le propriétaire Paul Dacre est un nervi du parti conservateur. En comparaison, on est au niveau d’un Valeurs Actuelles.

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