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So, I have this cord (usb connector end of an Xbox 360 wireless game pad receiver) which was getting difficult, as in the receiver would only power on if the cable directly attached to the plastic usbA connector body was at a certain angle, which would suggest some damage inside the cord itself

And that ended today — not powering on at all in any position

I’m considering some surgery on the cord, just so I could possibly resolder the connector on a sane piece of cable but there’s this bulging thing 2 cm from the connector, which looks important but doesn’t leave much length to work with on my resold set adventure.

Anyone could explain what that round bit is, if it is important (I guess it is) and if I’m not taking on a too dangerous operation as a profane (ie would I risk making it more difficult to repair if I fail)

Asking for a friend

frpol ; Pécresse 

tfw you face consequences for any of your actions

current events in Ukraine; ukpol 

Just look at him go! You can feel the excitement

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Aaaaahahaha yesterday was the day, after only 170 attempts.

I’m really bad at this.

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Ok so what happened on the last eek of august to keep this hero off the keyboard.
Gotta love some companies' work culture...

getting a nitrokey 3C, as one does...

not to put too much pressure on you @nitrokey but your product is currently reaching the end users! :ameowbongo:

Me, every time someone unearths the «  analysis » FUD article, doing no additional research and taking it at face value (cw: loud)

Yes I know you’re a badass who’s so cool but why do you have to throw away the corks, do you have like a cork supplier or something. Do you carry a stock for when you brew in the middle of the forest.

Oh nice a photo filter app, it’ll be fun to goof around with it for a while

Photo filter app: (see pics)

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