@better quick question: on desktop, ublock origin has an « annoyances » section that is able to suppress GDPR dark pattern modal pop ups that try to trick you into *consenting* to tracking.

On iOS I use better. I see there are virtually no options for the aforementioned use case. Is this something you have considered ? The modal pop ups are an order of magnitude more annoying on mobile safari than on desktop browsers.

@better sorry to chase, having a hard time and I’m looking for solutions. Would love a word from you on the matter (even if it’s just « not planned »)

@codeforchaos hi, so sorry I missed this earlier. Quick answer: no and not planned.

Longer answer: Adding lists that hide these popups and do hiding, rather than blocking, tends to require very long lists that can slow browsing down, and also need a lot of maintenance on a per-site basis. More fundamentally, this is a really tricky grey area in my (@laura) opinion which @aral and I sort-of disagree on: unless we are certain we’re blocking every form of tracking on a page, we could be obscuring…

@codeforchaos …the only means for a person to opt out of tracking. And that’s a different kind of responsibility from blocking trackers. I totally get why people want it, and I think it’s more suited to blockers like ublock origin which are mostly used by people who are aware of these nuances, and are able to make these decisions. And also where the rules are maintained by much larger groups that can make quick changes on a site-specific basis.

@better thanks for taking the time to reply

i understand your position; best of luck for the future, will still be using better anyway since it's... better than the alternative imo :)

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