i like occasionally coding at home, but most of the time i simply don't have the motivation, the energy or the ideas necessary to do so

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this question is designed as a test to weed out potential employees that would refuse to engage in crunch

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@devurandom coming from a guy who would refer to himself as "Blizzard" instead of Robert, this is yet another example that in order to get a prestigious line on your CV you should conflate your passions and your daily job.

And that by some miracle you would necessarily be better at your job if you do more of the same every waking hour instead of just getting burnt out like toast and end up hating your "passions".

The same kind of person who would brag about 80 hours work weeks.

And as I see that he's trying to defend himself by saying he's conscious of healthy work-life balance... yeah, the video games industry is definitely known for that lol

The guy spent 30 years at Blizzard and still doesn't know how to make a good hire.

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