What's up with me? (you most probably didn't ask)

I'm in my fourth decade, located somewhere in the old world. This account is a splinter of my presence in the fediverse (although my only other account has a really low profile, with a handful of followers -- 16 as yet).

I dabble in , I hack on stuff and occasionally suffer through the PR process. I try to help people close to me by .

I have academic interest in paganism and witchcraft.


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I am currently gathering ideas and planning for an unreleased fiction podcast.

Other interests around , , , .

I play a lot of (hashtag: ) but I will never be a *gamer*.

Please talk to me about , and other nerdy stuff.

This is incomplete but this is what's coming to my mind. I like you all.

And most of all, thanks for having me here. :blobowo:

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