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What's up with me? (you most probably didn't ask)

I'm in my fourth decade, located somewhere in the old world. This account is a splinter of my presence in the fediverse (although my only other account has a really low profile, with a handful of followers -- 16 as yet).

I dabble in , I hack on stuff and occasionally suffer through the PR process. I try to help people close to me by .

I have academic interest in paganism and witchcraft.


there is something delicious when the privateering freedom-thirsty anarchists CEOs vaunt the merits of their privacy garanteeing, anonymous uncensorable empires,

and at the same time bemoan that US citizens are made to use a VPN (!!) to connect to their chuck e cheese trading platforms

why didn't any of these very bright CEOs start a VPN service that sideloads a mining software on their customers computers,

there, here it is, I shouldn't be the one to put out b u s i n e s s ideas for them :blobthinksmart:

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in a hilarious turn of event, they turn to no other than Forbes, the notorious anarchist rag, for validation with an article titled, I shit you not, "Crypto Exchanges Barring US Citizens Is Heartbreaking And Frustrating"

crying rivers, i didn't lie

The article is here for a laugh:

written by one Benjamin Pirus who, full disclosure (bottom bio) "actively trade cryptocurrencies, and hold varying amounts of BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, ZEC and CNFI. I also hold stock positions in CBOE, AUY, GBTC, GLD, HUTMF, GME and AMC."

some serious black flag comrade there.

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didn't know anarchism should tolerate, nay, facilitate CEOs making billions off of unregulated marketplaces incorporated in fiscal paradises while telling you to ignore the side effects and buy more of their product, but that's just me

later i'm told crypto tokens aren't any different than chuck e cheese tokens, but i don't see anywhere where you can speculate on the latter as a commodity, SORRY, maybe i'm missing your badly put point

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turbo capitalist magical sudoku-coins experts crying rivers whenever someone whispers the words "scam" or "regulation"

yeah yeah, i get it, they tell us, akchuallly, the self-regulating, free-market invisible-hand burning pyramid of doom is in fact an anarchist ideal, DUH

you just aren't educated, just read up this excruciatingly boring and incorrect essay by the BitScam Exchange CEO

also, just saw the whine-video and oh boy, was that something

here, have some bait:

My website address: http wiwiwi Facebook dot com/ my stuff

You too can have a FREE website at Facebook dot com, can’t do quite anything there unlike at zombocom though

est-ce qu’on n’aime pas le cynisme de nos politiques quand on se fait élire présidente de région histoire d’avoir une place au chaud pour tenter une campagne présidentielle l’année d’après pour le kif, dans le jargon ça s’appelle faire une

Needless to say, in 2201, the blockchained consciousness of Elon Musk (pinnacle of the capitalist innovative achievements) probably will have long been shut down to power an eco shelter’s lighting system instead

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Twenty-second century people will look at the previous two hundred years and think « what the fuck »

- individual vehicles
- international flights
- always-on electrical appliances
- goods produced at the antipode of the point of sale
- plastics everywhere
- meat production
- mass fisheries
- no more primary forests
- concrete buildings
- « green growth »
- « green -» anything

There is going to be a time where there will have to be a realisation that turbo capitalist international events like the aren’t sustainable and will have to stop.

I’d love for that moment to be now, but what have you…

Mother, why must you imprison me in this cage? I yearn to be free, to run outside like my wild brethren, not to waste away within this hideous structure of artifice. Please, mother, I deserve to cross this threshold, to go outside.

[30 seconds later]

Mother, why have you abandoned me in the cruel, uncaring wildnerness? Why have you forsaken me? Please, I am dying in the cold, and under the piercing judgement of the crows who taunt me so.

I’m smiling in my only good selfie in years, can’t have that, seriously… *delete *

Nation wide ban on any video streaming of a higher resolution than 480p

and I’m being generous

@kensanata :(

That comment was made after seeing issue 0, specifically. It’s just so reminiscent of the 90s where you’d get this huge JPEG or SWF and that was the webpage. I don’t even know where to start without repeating everything we’ve talked about on Gemini about separating semantics from presentation.

After making the comment, I saw issue 2. Which, as a Gem text file, is a compromise. It takes up one third of a floppy. The lower 94% of lines, 7463 lines, are unreadable.

As a PDF, it’s one of my least favorite PDFs with its gradient backgrounds and Noto Sans, ragged-right body type.

Polyglot files qua polyglot files are cool as hacks, but, that doesn’t apply to issue 0 which is what I was initially commenting on.

Also my browser doesn’t have a built in PDF-viewer so what happens is that I need to hunt through /tmp for files named single-digit–numbers, no .pdf ending. Yeah, yeah, ls -rt /tmp to the rescue, but my standard shell function for this stuff

mupdf-gl "`ls -rt /tmp/*pdf|tail -1`"

didn’t work.

It’s just everything I always hated about the web. Static layouts, static typography, static colors. Texts that can’t be easily quoted or marked up or edited. Reading issue 0 with pdftotext is a mess, too.

Don’t get me wrong: people wanna make PDF zines or games or books or comics, that’s fine. I do, too.

Calling a PDF a web page is, IDK, I get that this is an experiment, a statement, art… and experiments, statements, and art is cool. Sure. But this is the opposite direction of what I want for the web.

“Hi, I heard you think react-driven, unscrapable hellholes are bad so as a replacement, how about a statically laid out, A4-sized (so won’t fit any screen), and you need a stack language interpreter to run it?”

“As a consolation prize, let’s put some cluttered up, compromised gemtext in the PDF equivalent of a noframes tag and ship it.”

It’s fine to do this as a cool one-of, did-it-just-to-do-it but if this is the new normal, which I really do fear, given all the 90s designers love for the controlled end result of print media, then I’m not onboard.

I don’t like ragging on peeps’ art stuff and I feel bad for even posting this. (On the other hand, why even make art like this if you don’t want a reaction like this.) I felt pushed into elaborating since my original comment was so “bad”.

I hate the Internet, hate the web, and everytime I see some glimpse of hope in that the Internet is gonna get better (decentralization, federation, a return to plain text, linking, creative commons, crypto), some glimpse of light in this dark green ocean we’re all drowning in, along comes something like this to drag me down like an anchor. And it’s even coming from inside the house. It’s not even Enterprise doing this, it’s, for all intents and purposes, “us”! The community!



Et ben moi je suis bien resté dans mon lit douillet.

the one upside of starting a first ever witcher 3 run and choosing hard difficulty because *i played many video games before so it can't be that bad*, is that i get many opportunities to learn about gameplay features in loading screens

Aide souhaitée

je traduis un mod minecraft de l'anglais vers le français, avec un fort enclin à utiliser l'écriture inclusive. La source contient cependant de nombreuses références à `players`.

Ma version actuelle c'est de mettre partout des déclinaisons de `joueurs/joueuses`, mais ça devient vitre très lourd et surtout, ça prend beaucoup de place, et la concision à l'écran est assez importante dans ce contexte

J'aimerais bien raccourcir la forme, et potentiellement utiliser le point médian, je pense en ce moment à mettre `joueur·se·s` mais j'hésite encore

quelqu'un·e pour m'aider à trancher ? Est-ce que `joueur·se·s` est une bonne forme ?

Pour celles et ceux qui sont rompu·es à github, la version de travail de la traduction est ici:


Imagine spending a full day thinking of a good username and then considering deleting the account because you can’t figure out a good avatar.

trolling reactionaries since i discovered the keyboard gymnastics to print the median point · used in inclusive writing in french

each median point is like a silver bullet to their heart

··············· 🔫 take that

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