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What's up with me? (you most probably didn't ask)

I'm in my fourth decade, located somewhere in the old world. This account is a splinter of my presence in the fediverse (although my only other account has a really low profile, with a handful of followers -- 16 as yet).

I dabble in , I hack on stuff and occasionally suffer through the PR process. I try to help people close to me by .

I have academic interest in paganism and witchcraft.


Announcing Meme It So! It's a Star Trek The Next Generation Meme and GIF Generator, inspired by Frinkiac.

It has every line of dialogue spoken on STTNG tied to screencaptures. Which makes it good for looking up lines as well.

Oh nice a photo filter app, it’ll be fun to goof around with it for a while

Photo filter app: (see pics)

Non American Q believers is the unfortunate corollary of the Americanisation of media culture :oh_no:

somehow arch linux provides a `code` package, which is just compiled by arch linux (somehow it's not possible to distribute precompiled binaries from MS because license).

Telemetry is still enabled smh

no in the repos, would have to go through the AUR nonsense (or compile on site ofc)

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i'm going to have to accept that the Atom editor (the github-made editor-in-a browser) is going to sunset in favour of vscode. I've got invested time into Atom and thus it's not easy to let go. Really hoping vscodium is there to stay and is a viable option for years onwards.

OTOH what's the status of eclipse these days? Is it still ugly and clunky?

genuinely curious as to why some hacker-scene websites (like don't have TLS set up. i'd have thought of all communities, hackers would be more inclined to secure comms channels, what with the easing on obtaining broadly trusted certificates over the last few years

Shoutout to that time when I finally figured out my cheap, unshielded stereo speakers were the cause of the weird, random bit-shifting on my hdd and why I had to periodically reinstall windows 98

today I want to appreciate for its detailed repair guides that have increased the lifespan of this repaired household devices by literal years.

it's easy to care for the hardware this way despite the manufacturer's efforts. Not so much for the software which won't be updated starting next year...

@thenewoil yes, the « we are mission focused no politics in the workplace »[1], « stfu or gtfo »[2] venture capital speculative free market place company, totally uncharacteristic association.


"Change your twitch password and activate 2FA"

Twitch 2FA: "plz giv fone nubmer"

Gaming on Linux has mastodon presence, Linux Games Consortium doesn't, just saying...

Greenhouse gasses going from lithosphere to atmosphere is the root cause of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.

Spending energy on proof of work is not decreasing any fossil burning. It’s just not.

As an analogy, let’s say I want my students to get safe jobs instead of risking their lives as guillotine testers and tightrope dancers.

I take a quick glance at the jobs section and see that hmm, safe jobs seem to be paying better over the long run, if not in the short run.

So I take my students’ paychecks and burn the money in a big old firepit in the yard.

I'd be interested to know about some stats on, say, github, like proportion of highly downloaded, or forked, or committed-against (let say "high traffic") projects, that have automated testing and those that have none. To clear up my mind. Often I find a popular project, lots of commits, no available, or bad, automated testing. Why ??

Connaissez-vous des services de cloud plutôt sympa et éthiques, hormis les Chatons ?

C'est surtout pour avoir un endroit commun où se mettre des choses pour un projet, donc je cherche une fonction d'hébergement et de partage toute simple.
Et je me demandais aussi si certains services le faisaient sans fournir en même temps d'autres accessoires (cf. Nextcloud et ses nombreuses app) ?


Has Jimmy Carr, this self-absorbed, insufferable bore, taken hostages so that people would keep giving him airtime?

> The proof is in the pudding. Most posts on Gemini are all about how awesome Gemini is and ascetic meditations on digital minimalism.

I have yet to find compelling content on Gemini. It does not look like it’s going to ever be the case.

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