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What's up with me? (you most probably didn't ask)

I'm in my fourth decade, located somewhere in the old world. This account is a splinter of my presence in the fediverse (although my only other account has a really low profile, with a handful of followers -- 16 as yet).

I dabble in , I hack on stuff and occasionally suffer through the PR process. I try to help people close to me by .

I have academic interest in paganism and witchcraft.


20-ish years later I still have nightmares about school and exams

Somehow people think the school system is ok

Computer literacy courses in middle school were when I learned about `net send`, fork bombs and sub7

Web browsers are the worst software on my computer and somehow we've decided they should be the only software

tech rant 

Seriously fuck for borking upgrades that span more than one major version.

@better sorry to chase, having a hard time and I’m looking for solutions. Would love a word from you on the matter (even if it’s just « not planned »)

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Funny to see that the US reactivate their plans to « go to the moon » at a time of extreme racial injustice and tensions

All I can think of is

On the subject of FOSS #a11y -- one of the biggest gripes I've seen from friends is when they point out accessibility issues/potential improvements, and get hostility from the devs in response. (Implying that things are designed as intended, or not important.)

Not having time to improve is one thing, but being actively disparaging of accessibility feedback is not okay.

Politique française, coup d’État 

C’est la deuxième semaine de suite que « Valeurs Actuelles » publie des tribunes appelant au coup d’État.
Je ne vois quasiment personne en parler. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi. C’est absolument terrifiant.

Rebsamen où ?
Rebsamen nulle part !

Cette semaine, les fdo à la solde du shérif et du régent de la ville de Dijon, ont expulsé et ont permis aux entreprises de démolition de saccager les jardins de l'engrenage.
Les semis et arbres en fleurs ont laissé place aux lacrymo.

Je vais au rassemblement à 14h devant le théâtre occupé en soutien aux jardins de l'engrenage et contre l'arificialisation des terres.

Adding 110 MB of rust and cargo packages to my python build like it's free real estate

you can suppress away dark pattern modal dialogs on desktop browsers using , with (I think off-by-default) "Annoyance" lists.

These dialogs try to trick you into "consenting" by making you click through menus and wearing down your patience until you give up and click "Accept all cookies", and they don't respect GDPR anyway, so they might as well be blocked altogether

@better quick question: on desktop, ublock origin has an « annoyances » section that is able to suppress GDPR dark pattern modal pop ups that try to trick you into *consenting* to tracking.

On iOS I use better. I see there are virtually no options for the aforementioned use case. Is this something you have considered ? The modal pop ups are an order of magnitude more annoying on mobile safari than on desktop browsers.

Ah I see we’re still writing « mastodon is crumbling » articles in 2021.

Good perspective:


Ok Boris, look, this is where we built the secret base. When all goes to shit, we leave everyone to die and regroup there.


Too funny to think that today’s billionaire entrepreneurs would totally have been supplying and supporting the third reich in the 30s and the stans would totally enlist in brigades and militias

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