I finally bought myself a nice tenkeyless mechanical keyboard 🤓

« Because it is so complicated to test if v1, v2 or v3 is active I've released in open source the smb scanner of . You can test instantly with this powershell script which version of SMB is currently active.
github.com/vletoux/SmbScanner t.co/I07Gzu0SbT »

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« One more thought: map the @MITREattack to rules online in same window. Its live, its free and you can now write threat detection rules and package for 9 different security analytics tools or even grep. Then export to your , screen is example ;-) t.co/6gcfJJA8uh »

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« Just put up a Big Update to the Commodore 8-Bit Buyer's Guide. Now 25% more products, projects and kits. 45 new items, bringing the total to over 200. Hard to imagine! c64os.com/buyersguide Here are some shots of new listings. Pls spread the love. t.co/mfTzrG0bh2 »

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Watch filtered IOCs with lots of useful information like hashes, C2 requests, dropped executable files. You can easily select and copy to the clipboard what you need. Look at the as an example.
app.any.run/tasks/80ef7207-89d t.co/TMYKvPp7YQ »

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« You collect TBs of log data in your and don't know what to search for?
You want to do more than pie charts for failed logons?
We already have 177 rules in our Sigma rule repo - covering generic & some specific use cases
github.com/Neo23x0/sigma t.co/BMypP5EIFm »

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« Working on a pretty cool "The Bug Hunter's Methodology" Mindmap for you all this weekend =) Stay tuned! t.co/265USNO3TN »

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