So, I decided to learn Morse code. I know about half the alphabet now and am having good fun, so went looking to buy a telegraph key! The options for new ones are:

- 30€ cheap plastic
- 150€ victorian-looking
- >200€ fancy pants

Then I went on ebay and got this absolute beauty for 25€. It says "made in GDR" and looks like it has never been used. Someone must have found a box of them in a basement. To my untrained self, it feels good and seems well-built. I like the small footprint.


@clemens I follow DJ4UF's course as far as the material is concerned, but use IZ2UUF's android app for training with the DJ4UF sequence of symbols, which I prefer to the default. I set the app to 25 WPM with very long pauses (9x normal length). This feels best for me. I also refered to Pierpont's "The Art and Skill of Radio­Telegraphy".

@pesco thanks for your feedback. Sounds like a good approach to me

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