It's funny when people scream about privacy but then, when they are pointed to a paid (but privacy respecting service) they scream about that too.

Hosting isn't free. Electricity isn't free.

Either do it yourself or expect to repay the ones that are providing the services.

I finally bought myself a nice tenkeyless mechanical keyboard 🤓

TLDR ( Simplified and community-driven man pages. This tool allows you to query usage examples for Linux tools/commands on the command line.

« How to evaluate security solutions? @eddyb0b and I shared our perspectives during this @securityweekly episode: »

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« WinPwnage : A Collection of Python Scripts for UAC Bypass,Privilege Escalation, Dll Hijack and Many More Techniques : »

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« Because it is so complicated to test if v1, v2 or v3 is active I've released in open source the smb scanner of . You can test instantly with this powershell script which version of SMB is currently active. »

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« The most unbelievable aspect of the Star Trek universe is that every ship they meet has compatible video conferencing facilities… »

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