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I'm kind of hard to deal with.

I try my best to guess what you're about and what your boundaries are before I interact but I'm not very good at it.

If you're ok with that, submit a follow requset whenever

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You don't have to know anything about computers to be a game dev, these bad boys practically program themselves nowadays. You also don't need to know anything about video games because you can simply physically overpower individual gamers in honorable combat (nude grappling) and they'll spill the beans about what is supposed to be good about their pathetic "games"

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Emergency Situation, mutual aid, potential housing issue 

The worst happened, and now we've been kicked out. If anyone on the US east coast has a place where i can couch surf or stay for any length of time, please get in contact. I have enough savings to pay rent, and am able to work.

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hey trans people in the uk on the charing cross wait-list

you have less than 30 hours before you're kicked out if you don't fill out this form: it should have been emailed to you.

there is never enough reposting this. boost, fav, spread to other platforms, this is extremely time sensitive.

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if facebook wants their metaverse to actually appeal to people then they need to ditch whatever bullshit they're using right now and switch to exclusively using Bryce3D and Poser

Chuck Norris can hold all those limes.

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This is urgent. An indigenous Queer women needs help with rent. She needs to pay $2,000

Venmo : @stonecoldashley

Cashapp : $sassleyluna

You don't hate Mondays, you hate labor, which will continue to exist for most people after the fall of capitalism

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Stop calling it an “Adam’s apple”. It’s called a ‘larynx’ and everybody has one - just people with more testosterone and less estrogen during puberty tend to have a more visually pronounced larynx. It just perpetuates religious nonsense (Adam ate the apple causing humans to learn shame) and literal untruth (everyone has a larynx).

tfw the power was inside you all along.

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Hopefully the last begpost in a while, but bills & debt are piling up and I'm just not coping. I also need to buy food etc.

£500 would cover me until my payrise kicks in, or £300 would cover the next month. I hate having to do this but I have no other choice.

Please boost etc if you can 💖

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