coworker was shocked that i find linux more easy to use than macos.

this is partly because i've slowly built up an edifice of configuration that works for me and partly because for the things that i care about (configuration mostly) linux _is_ easier to work with that macos. i've had significantly less trouble giving my editors and terminals face lifts in linux than i have doing thes same on my work mac.

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it's amusing that he was shocked i found mac hard to use after he had churned through 3 ruby editors in the past week and as many terminal emulators while trying to make things look nice.

also how dare he try to say that brew is better to apt (let alone pacman + aur)

also also! all the terminals i've used on mac are crap compared to the ones on linux! they're all so slow and the ones i've used that are fast (kitty, alacritty) have awful font rendering issues that are apparently due to macos exposing outdated apis.

at least windows doesn't lure you to the terminal at all....

@clarkenciel honestly I just wish I could find a way to help the programmers I know who still use macOS switch away without losing face. at this point the "but it Just Works" argument is little more than an outdated meme

of course it doesn't help that driver support for macbook hardware is not great due to them being weird EFI-but-not-UEFI unicorns

@martensitingale i will give non-linux users the driver thing. printing and bluetooth (and sometimes wifi) are unnecessarily difficult, even though the latter are much improved if you use a full DE. However none of the people on my team really use much more than a browser and a text editor...

@martensitingale they don't seem to go through the seasonal "i don't want companies spying on me" paranoia that FOSS users seem to go through though so maybe that's the big difference :P

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