We don't need no nonessentials
We don't need no useless stuff
No redundant excess surplus
Hey! Thesaurus! Leave them words alone!

anyway now I can turn letters into lsystems and grow plantpersands


I wrote a small write-up about the e-ink computer/digital typewriter I made 4 months ago.


Honestly I kinda love that go has no generics and I'm a little bummed it's getting them

i saw some presentation once and i'd like to find it again.

it was presented a vision of the future of computing, but as a history of computing situated in that future.

i think it was pycon or something?

bucca di beppo means "bucket of pepsi" in Italian

I'm at that Pizza hut
I'm at that haunted house
I'm at that combination pizza hut and haunted house

*slaps roof of your email* this bad boy can fit so many advertisements in it

*slaps roof of animals* this bad boy can fit so many blood in it

*slaps roof of emacs* this bad boy can fit so many buffers in it

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