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kinda wild how firefox screenshot has almost completely fulfilled my screenshotting needs

captcha hitting its mid-life crisis

requesting book reqs....#lazyweb Show more

babble about how i use timelines/follows on masto Show more

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programmer bs Show more

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Hoping no one does the work thing Christian Wolff's music to distributed computing before I someday try for another degree

Extempore always tempts me and then frustrates me. Kind of like C? It reminds me that I value interfaces a lot and that I only like types if they can support working against interfaces

You know, like the water in the fountains in the dance of the hours segment of fantasia

Trying to figure out why the lyrics in romaplasm feel so overflowing

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this is just to say

i have boosted
the toots
that were on your timeline
and which you had probably
to your profile
forgive me
they were so
and so

Tfw go helps u write better clojure???

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Please don't get off my lawn. Would you like to come in and have some mineral water?

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Saw an emotionally healthy man at the grocery store.