Discourse, inspired by the change to CWs Show more

Discourse, inspired by the change to CWs Show more

Discourse, inspired by the change to CWs Show more

Discourse, inspired by the change to CWs Show more

@maloki @HeckTheCistem @cassolotl Have you seen the last few ones? I think they're a lot more comprehensible than the old ones, I definitely started spending more time rewriting them to be human-readable.

@Gargron @maloki @HeckTheCistem I definitely have noticed that the release notes make a lot more sense to me lately! :) It's a big improvement, and I appreciate that a lot.

My original post is more about pre-release though, with potential features being reviewable by average users *before* the feature makes it into a release. To prevent you putting in all the work and then feeling bad when people don't like them. So you don't have to roll it back or get a lot of grief for keeping it. You know?

@cassolotl @maloki @HeckTheCistem Whenever I work on something I post about it in the patron discord, and sometimes it leads to discussions where I find out if something is wanted or not. Now yeah, the discord is paywalled by $1 (though devs and instance owners can request an invite link from me anytime). But I'm not gonna apologize for that paywall. I release my work for free for the benefit of all, but I'm not gonna let people yell at me for free.

@gargron @cassolotl @maloki @HeckTheCistem perhaps adopting a form of final comment period similar to what Rust does might be a good idea. you still post stuff in the patron discord, but then you'd wait a week for people to comment on it before merging, or developing depending on how you feel

I doubt that Rust's RFC system would work here considering how the dev team is mostly just you, but an FCP might help

@HeckTheCistem @maloki @cassolotl @gargron Rust solves this by having a newsletter that sends out once a week, and FCPs take two weeks. the newsletter also notes recent PRs and interesting recent discussions

I wouldn't mind helping curate such a thing as a way of getting more people involved sooner, while still discouraging people from just at-ing you

@clar @HeckTheCistem @maloki @Gargron A weekly mailing list of proposed changes does sound really good! I guess development would *feel* slower, but it'd actually be the same speed but with a one week delay. That'd be alright, I think.

@cassolotl @clar @HeckTheCistem @maloki Look, I'm not making bank on this. I think I'm slightly above German minimum wage. In the open-source scene, that's a great accomplishment. Compared to Twitter's 200 engineers, that's nothing. But it's my passion and I have fun doing it, so we get the Mastodon that we see. Don't mess with that. If you disagree with my decisions, fork, or switch to one of the existing forks. I listen to feedback. But I don't *owe* anyone to agree with it.

@Gargron all they are trying to do is to have a good and open discourse with you.

@HeckTheCistem @clar @cassolotl

@maloki @Gargron @HeckTheCistem @clar Not just that, people are offering their time and energy to help make it so that everyone wins and gets what they want...

@cassolotl @maloki @gargron @HeckTheCistem IMO the main goal here is to create something that is not overwhelming for any one person, but also helps address the needs and desires of the community. and IMO those two things don't conflict at all

I'm offering the idea of a group of volunteers, being paid nothing, who can help improve community engagement. not asking an already overwhelmed person to get more work to do

@clar @cassolotl @maloki @Gargron @HeckTheCistem As I see it. @Gargron is doing a good job. He doesn't have to listen, but do anyway. Being restrictive with a safer path is exactly what he should do. His work affect more than a million people.

Which is why it becomes difficult to just trust someone. Trust takes time.. with or without funding.

Every feature implemented means extra work. Even if he didn't create it at first, he will have to maintain it. So picky is exactly what he should be.

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