We're a system of a few queer people on a new, cozier home in the fediverse. We talk about the trifecta of queer, tech, and lewd stuff, but usually it's just whatever happens to be going on in our life (or the world) at the moment.

For now, we work as a software developer at a nonprofit in the US, but longer-term we'll probably end up as a maths teacher or professor in the UK.

This is a personal account, but follow requests are welcome.

fun etymology fact: mollusk is derived from a word meaning "soft"

The gender neutral version of Goth gf is


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β€œOh hey look they glued keyboard keys to the wall.”

*steps back to take photo*


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There is now a "clear previous aliases" button on Steam. Useful if you need to remove your deadname or gendered names from the list.

i am:
βšͺ male
βšͺ female
πŸ”˜ a radio button generator

The name 'Joe' is actually short for Jean Power over Ethernet.

I remember my mind being blown when I learned there were programmable looms.

You could make software for soft wear.

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