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I Found a Bunny In My Yard (2010) This is the best Linus Tech Tips video ever made.

Guys I’m starting to think the US might not be so great

the STEM vs liberal arts dichotomy is a lie. we must unite to defeat our true enemy, the business students

seeing wordart being used unironically really weirds me out

Why is there no Interstate 1. America explain.

I love how ominous the phrase “something hit Jupiter” sounds when it’s really not

The princess is being kept in the tower by a fearsome dragon.

The dragon is 30cm long and weighs 2 kilos. Its keeping her in the tower cuz it fell asleep on her lap, purring, and she doesn't wanna wake it.

Imagine being typecast as “scheming space grandma”

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programming computers

Sand was never meant to think
this is very cruel to rocks

The gameplay of the mass effect games doesn’t interest me at all but the plot does, so I’ve been really enjoying watching let’s plays of them

The weird stuff that happened after 9/11, if you weren't around for it 


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The weird stuff that happened after 9/11, if you weren't around for it 

First of all, pretty much everyone went to the gas station for some reason. We heard there'd be price gouging on gas

Everyone thought their pissant little town in the middle of nowhere would be a terror target, kinda like those people who thought antifa was coming to their town.

People bought french wine and poured it I to the sewer to protest France opposing the Iraq War on the UN security council

Are “nuclear free city” ordinances even enforceable

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