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CODE GOLF CHALLENGE: write a piece of code that prints your credit card number, the expiration date, and the three numbers on the back

Every time someone I follow changes their profile picture it takes me at least a day to recognize them and not just think its some new rando who's suddenly gotten popular and boosted into my timeline

have you ever thought "i wish i knew how the quicksort algorithm works but i'm only capable of learning concepts presented through hungarian folk dance"? i have good news

i saved this to show you and then forgot for a few hours but here it is @whiskers

Onboard video of landing on Mars! Thanks to all the scientists and engineers who made Perseverance possible. May it give us all years of service.


Still feeling like a failure for not being able to find a job :/

Once I gave a presentation on Mars Robots to 6 years and heavily anthropomorphized the robots. Then one of them asked when the robots would come home.

As the shock and horror spread across their faces, I realized that I had not adequately prepared for this lesson.

You can also listen for "free" on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, and probably all the others.

Or download for free at

Thanks for the support!! You're helping make my dreams come true.

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Mathematicians name your fucking variables challenge 2021

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"The covariance matrix is often symbolized with a boldface capital sigma" thank you thats not confusing at all

I wonder how far I can get just answering questions with random textbooks I somehow ended up with. I found a mention of covariance matrices in a statistics book that was also on my shelf

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the modeling book that was so useful for the least squares code is of no use to me here, it doesnt mention covariance at all

Show thread Does anyone recognize what algorithm this is? I'm not entirely clear what multiplying a vector by the covariance matrix actually does, let alone why you would want to do it 6 times

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