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You ever remember a dream in the middle of the day and just go

Why the fuck was I dreaming about cooking rice?

Don’t want to pick an instance to move to and considering giving up on social media entirely instead

Another unbelievable circuit hack: abusing an ordinary DC-DC power chip to achieve microamp-level quiescent current, an application the chip was never designed for. The chip's own control loop is bypassed entirely, the feedback pin is disconnected. Instead, voltage regulation is done by turning the chip ON and OFF continuously via its CONTROL pin from an external opamp error amplifier.

Having to explain to my coworkers what the fuck I’m talking about when I refer to an IC as “just a nice lad”

“Is this architecture modernist, contemporary, or futurist?” YOU FOOL. YOU ABSOLUTE BUFOON

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I love the word “modern” because it can mean anything from “from this year” to “from sometime in the past half millennium”

I keep getting spam texts offering me small business loans for the small business I own, which is apparently *checks notes* the University of California


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so apparently capitalism has decided that premature Christmas isn't enough and to do premature halloween? its fucking AUGUST

Extremely funny to me that Free Bird will forever be known as the spinning rat song

I love the Fortran website made in the style of modern programming language websites:

Especially since like 70% of the selling points are accurate and yet identical to the ones on the rust website

Further concepts:
> A public dole of one kind of baked good and we change which every month (the bread month is pretty useful, the tarte tatin month a bit weirder).
> Making it mandatory for landlords to provide pets to people who want them.
> Mandating that no city can sell more than one book in any given trilogy, making people do Grand Quests to get the whole set.
> Properly weird public architecture. Not just fancy and gold, like Planescape mixed with Escher. Especially for public offices.

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"why would you go after Alice for being a cop when you can go after me, a future hydrogen bomb owner"

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20 minutes into the latest WTYP and this is gold

idk why the VTA is seemingly allergic to connecting the airport. even the planned BART extension doesnt go there

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