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a francophone is a novelty telephone in the shape of a Spanish fascist dictator

I have a fuckinng auto scheduled online doctor appointment tomorrow at a bad time that I learned about last night and I can’t fucking reschedule it because the phone line to reschedule isn’t open on weekends

Oops, I haven't posted in over 24 hours. Here one comes:

Network-attached sausage.

See you in a day

honestly this just looks like a way to confuse the NTSB as much as possible when you eventually get in a head-on collision with a diesel locomotive

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Watching a City Skylines series where a guy builds a Central European city and advances it over the 20th century, and its funny watching him explain to confused commenters that post-war Poland, East Germany, and Czechoslovakia were not part of the Soviet Union

If you didn't want me to eat your painting why did you paint a bowl of fruit

I've been informed this is called "starting a cult" and it doesnt usually end well

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feeling bored, might fuck around and start a fourth abrahamic religion

JEDEC “standards” are so useless oh my god

Spotted: movie theater marquee sign saying “bullet train minions” and “Crawdads sing nope”

Why does a Caltrain day pass cost more than 2 one way fares

Welcome to Triassic Park. Get ready to be shell shocked as you witness the wonder of our ammonites and bivalves. I assure you they are alive

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the mastodon instance at is retiring

see the end-of-life plan for details: