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meta I guess, not that I know what's going on 

Regular reminder that its possible for someone to work at a company like Lockmart and never come close to building weapons. Lockheed also builds spacecraft and launch vehicles for NASA

Stuck in because of pandemic? Go outside and look at stars!

free and won't catch the virus!
reminded when they align the elder gods will return!
go mad contemplating your insignificance!
they twinkle!

Ok I installed powertoys but I don’t know where it is because windows search is useless

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Windows update managed to delete powertoys in a way it won’t reinstall and remove the $HOME variable. Impressive

Rust scientists predict we may run out of Iron pun reserves as soon as 2035

The Doppler effect is so silly. It’s like troll physics. “The sound waves get all squished together” like lol cmon

This kind of smart, walkable, mixed-use urbanism is illegal to build in most American cities

In awe of how much work went into dinotopia. The man had a professional firetruck designer help him figure out how a dinosaur would plausibly work as a pump and ladder and built multiple maquettes to get the lighting right. This is for two pages of the book

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Wanna support an unemployed disabled queer with their unending wheelchair maintenance and medicine costs?$TeaMug
Venmo: TeaMug

The state provides me $200 a month - but prescriptions, OTCs, grocery delivery fees, bills, and copays use that up, and it's never enough.
My partners can only cover so much of my remaining costs, and we're saving to move to accessible housing, which tightens margins further.

Current needs in replies.

I have written a complex rust macro. I am very happy

I like my women like I like my coffee: made out of beans

Always remember, blinking yellow lights want to warn you about a hidden danger. Even if you're not sure what they are trying to warn you about, do listen to them. They know.

#drachenmagier #fantasy #fantasyArt #traditionalArt #creature #cityguardian #urbanfantasy

Congratulations to The Fifth Element on winning the 1997 #MovieBowl, defeating Men in Black by a score of 197-55

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Rabbit fact: rabbits are corporeal, which means you can touch them

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