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Work computer only has 2 USB-C ports so when power and monitor are both connected I can’t use my yubikey >:(

Oh my god sometimes pythons wacky lack of type safety comes in handy. I can pass symbols into these formulas instead of numbers and get a solvable equation back out

getting pumped for some computer work by watching the boot-up sequence in Alien on repeat for an hour

Electromagnetic radiation from the signal line is surely a headache...

...But it can be coaxed into submission.

Actually, it was technically only called "Empire State Building" while it was under construction. Officially, it's now known as "Empire State Built"

Coworker thinks a 50 Ω transmission line should be modeled as a series resistor. I’m not convinced but am having trouble finding any information on the subject

Web3 already exists: it’s called the fediverse
The Metaverse already exists: it’s called Minecraft

Actually Big Ben is the name of the bell. The tower is Big Ben’s Monster

Really liking the look of Handcalcs though, and it does kinda play nice with sympy, but I wish there was a nicer symbolic solver out there

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Tiny bit frustrated with sympy right now no just don’t like how explicit it is or how much of a shitshow the unit system is


Wordle 207 6/6


This one was hard

it's called the 'block' chain because you 'block' people who are big fans of it

Why is copying and pasting in windows such a fucked experience

Garak: You really shouldn't leave your front door open considering the amount of people that tried to kill you.
Julian: It was locked.

Bromance implies the existence of The Broman Empire

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