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Don't look now guys but I think shit is about to go down

The song Bloom never fails to create Feelings

here are all the true facts I know about the US:

- Portland is a city that exists simultaneously at three different locations, but you never know where

- There's no cities in Texas, it's just Texas.

- California, especially the golden gate bridge, is constantly being destroyed by aliens or monsters or Magneto.

- the US has it's own moon and its fake

- George Washington cut down a cherry tree once and that's why Washington D.C stands for Washington District of Cherries

- the heartland is full of violent groups of armed horses on motor bikes

- there is one man in Florida, he is unstoppable.

Shout out to rabbits. Gotta be one of my favorite lagomorphs

Jimmie rustling is when you kidnap the founder of Wikipedia

The person in charge of the Nostromo set for Alien (1979) invented this interstellar standard for signs and labels in spaceflight

Lmao got an ad from google pleading not to be broken apart because you can do a google search for wildfires. Maybe you shouldn’t have made it so everyone equates google with the web as a whole then and they would know how to access information themselves

I think it’s good actually when gas prices go up

everyone talks about "supercar", but i'm over here talking about "soup car", the car with soup

feel like total shit, I just wish I could be there with her

It boggles the mind that amongst greater competition from AMD and ARM, Intel decides that what it's business model needs is a subscription fee to unlock CPU features:

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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Alpha males: cannot penetrate the skin or a sheet of paper, but are dangerous if ingested.

Beta males: can cause burns on the skin, but can be stopped by a sheet of aluminum foil.

Gamma males: pass straight through the body, causing genetic damage. Can only be stopped by thick concrete or lead blocks.

I don’t know understand why Rimworld added real world religions to the game. It seems like nothing good could come from that

TNG season 5 

Soren coming to terms with her identity almost feels progressive in a way that probably wasnt originally intended

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TNG season 5 

Oh boy the cringey episode where Riker tries to understand an androgynous race

It’s not that hard Will

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