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There are only 30 million sand particles in this desert

Knights of the dodecahedral table. They’re trying to figure out who would make such an impractical table

Why is anyone under the impression security torx is in any way secure. Every large screw driver set I’ve seen has included bits for it

Authoritarian DNS server? Idk sounds pretty tankie to me

A 7.62 rifle round has about 1.3Wh of energy

If I want to understand Warhammer 40,000, do I have to play the first 39,999 games?

Firaffinity, the website for pine enthusiasts

TIL there’s a tiny university town in West Virginia with an entire automated PRT system usually found in airports

People who live in apartments and commute by bike: what are the tricks to getting a heavy bike up stairs.

I’m looking at a 55 pound (25kg) bike I would need to get up a single flight of narrow stairs every day, since I dont want to leave it in the car port like the one that got stolen.

It does have a walk assist but I have no idea how well that would help

Right now ssh-agent -s doesn’t print anything. SSH into GitHub prints a success message but try to do any git commands fails with a public key error

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Oh my god getting git working in windows is a nightmare. ssh-agent being terrible isn’t helping

Mustard is a terrible material to make a drill out of

Starting a new NFT project where for $10k I’ll send you the randomart output from rsa-keygen

Horta star fleet captain who won’t stop making rock puns

Todays dinner is less-sad tater tots and chicken nuggets

@hafnia American tourist in Montreal goes up to the hotel front desk. “Why is it that when I turn the knob marked C, I get hot water?” “Well, sir, the C stands for chaud, which is the French word for hot.” “Hmm, ok, that makes sense. But why is the othe knob also marked C?” “That C stands for cold, sir. You know, Canada is a bilingual country.”

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