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citizen kane is about how it's good to be rich and have no friends. jaws wants you to become a giant shark and eat people. this is real

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Resistors are just wires that aren’t trying hard enough

Its literally a connecting bus line between two stations served by the coast starlight but thats not even an option in the booking site

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Argh amtrak keeps trying to put me on a 7 hour bus connection when booking a trip to irvine instead of using the trains. WHY

I am again asking for assistance.

I know this is 3 out of the last 2 weeks.

But it's utilities time. And with my 2 in 2 weeks medical emergencies I don't have the money to pay all utilities. I barely and luckily got rent.

And i do like having power and such.

The bill is $120 for everything.


I hate asking, and if you're wondering, I'm now healthy and fully employed and hale.

But, sadly i was super sick for the whole paycheck that was supposed to float us through bills this month.

bold of you to call numbers "real"

Assembling ikea furniture with a hand drill feels like some kind of cheat code

Breaking news: large number multiplied by small number results in a medium sized number

Dumb idea: keyboard layout optimized to prevent accidentally typing slurs

I still think computers should not be allowed to use more than 100W

I’m currently having a really rough time searching for work. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a proper income, and I only have $150 total.

If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it.

My patreon:

One-time payments on PayPal:

removing a load-bearing wall chicken and collapsing my apartment building

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Oh wow, CRS-22 is flying on the first new falcon booster since November 2020

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