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Consider: shuttle C but the C is for Catgirl

Eventually all humor will evolve into jokes about crabs

Gonna watch these marvel movies figure out who the fuck thermos is

Almost like solving currency centralisation was never a technological problem in the first place, huh?

friendship ended with new[] now std::vector is my best friend

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Ok so I've learned I cannot be trusted to write C++ classes that manage memory, good to know. Something to add to the list of things to get good at in the future


[spins wheel]

[lettuce goes everywhere]

So like all problems with python, I have solved my problem by adding more python

ok so I can just make one for, I guess that makes sense. pain to write but I guess thats the fun of extension modules

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like where the hell I put stub files for an extension module, because I don't have py files for them to go next to

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I wish it wasnt so hard to find information on how to do anything with python modules

🎵 This is a black hole
Very heavy and far away
but it's not edible
But don't you think it oughta be?
It's just,
a ton of matter, compressed very very tightly
and would turn you into spaghetti

But even tho...

🎶 me want cronch
me want heavy jawbreaker
me want lick
me want galactic weighty treat
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