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Outsourcing all my tool using so I can remain uncanceled by my fellow anprims

Love to get two different kinds of cancer and then explode

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“A mixture of N₂O₄ and Benzene” AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH NO.

introduction, eye contact 

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the internet peaked in 2008 with the thread in which there was a heated 5 page debate regarding how many days are in one week

A typical European car is parked 92% of the time. It spends 1/5th of its driving time looking for parking. Its 5 seats only move 1.5 people. 86% of its fuel never reaches the wheels, & most of the energy that does, moves the car, not people.

if i were an engineer i would simply design a machine with 100% efficiency

Ah, never mind they’re on the previous page I read hours ago and promptly forgot about while drinking hot chocolate

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Why do people print formulas for things and not explain what the fucking terms mean. I’m reading Ignition and this is infuriating

Fusion reactors fuse, therefor fission reactors must fizz

there's an entire branch of computing focused on trying to teach computers how to make mistakes, and we're trusting that branch of computing to drive cars

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If you have a cat, I have a humble request. Please look at them

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