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what if the president of america was tony hawk and he just shredded on a skateboard for 4 years straight

Someone from Oakland posted this pic of a PSA truck with LED messages about washing your hands driving around under the smoke sky. A NEW LIFE AWAITS YOU ON THE OFF WORLD COLONIES

my cursed soldering iron itches for battle. I walk up to the crossroads, punch a traveler in the gut, and fix the little beeper on his car keys

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Getting extremely mad that two of the three big consoles continue to just be the same exact hardware

Not to be confused with his cousin who works as a building inspector, the seal of approval

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A sea lion that works in QA. He’s the seal of quality

Solar proton activity may trigger high magnitude earthquakes

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weird that, I think US anti-german sentiment was way stronger during WWI than WWII, I guess because we were too busy being racist against japan?

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“freedom fry” is a verb now I don’t make the rules

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“These boxcabs were termed oil battery electrics[1] to avoid the use of the German name Diesel, unpopular after World War I.”

I had no idea we freedom-fried diesel fuel

the new caves of qud update added a feature that lets you be so bad at identifying technology that you can make a folding chair explode by accident and i think that's beautiful

I guess thats one way to supply electricity to trains under low bridges

for the record this account is FIRMLY pro giving cats little kisses on their foreheads

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I’m playing OpenTTD with US trains, African cargo chains, and Martian town names. This game is absurd

Apache Tribe’s Innovative Approach Lowers COVID-19 Deaths

"When the medical team at the Indian Health Service identified people suffering from happy hypoxemia, they tried something simple: detect it early and oxygenate patients at home. They would visit people’s homes, check their symptoms, and use one of the simplest and cheapest medical diagnostic aid devices: a pulse oximeter that measures oxygen levels and pulse and costs as little as $12.

By just paying home visits, accompanying people for a short walk through the house or the patio with an oximeter on their finger, were they able to detect hundreds of cases early, manage them with less aggressive therapies and at a lower cost. Above all, the approach created a surprising outcome. Although the Tribe has one of the highest levels of contagion, due to the work of the medical team, it has one of the lowest death rates in the state and the country."

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