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Im trying to make my windows VM not require a password to login, and I’m getting conflicting answers on

• if this is possible
• what buttons to press to do it
• if those buttons exist
• if I have a “local account” or a “microsoft account” which are apparently different things

Which circle of hell is Windows Update again

Im trying to update my windows VM and having nothing but trouble. Not what I expected from an OS famous for randomly updating computers without permission

theres no good word for “2D woven metal strands” that isnt already a computer graphics word 😓

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Cool, the footbridge I take to class is closed to cyclists due to construction

Blender is being a pain in the ass right now and randomly deciding which constraints should be baked

remember when jimmy carter went to poland and said he would never come back to the us and he was gonna fuck the poles

Why is Prax the only character in that walks how you would expect with magboots on

Like paywalls on academic papers suck too but at least thats not something you’re asking everyone to follow

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paywalls on standards documents are such a pain in the ass

Eggnog implies the existence of other kinds of nog, such as cheesenog and hamnog

idk if I should try to figure out a steering linkage or not but I'm happy with this unconventional suspension

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