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Some scientists are serious about resurrecting zeppelins for low-carbon travel.


If I ever get a car I’m putting the most confusing combination of bumper stickers on it I can think of

The solution to doing electric catenaries over double stack cargo is to just run 25kVAC straight through the containers, and there are zero flaws with this plan


Please quote tweet this with your most controversial railroad opinion.


either that or make like 8 different functions as part of my fast serial logging library and have the user call the correct one.

Time to learn what the hell templates are and make this some C++ spaghetti code hell

God dammit. If you make two overloaded functions, one that takes uint8_t and one that takes int8_t, gcc throws its hands in the air and decides any call to it is ambiguous, instead of choosing based on type.

Bird site has begun showing me reply tweets by people I don’t follow. Wtf

you know your product reveal went well when people are honestly, earnestly not sure if the product is a prank or not

is it still sizecoding if your device only has 128kb of flash to begin with

Question: Can I live there?


The Systems Integrations Lab was certified for final tests of the🚀 "brain and nervous system:" integrated avionics & flight software. Here, engineers will run simulations to test launch, ascent & mission scenarios for I.


I am chewing through batteries kinda fast, I guess the LIDAR is more power hungry than I expected

Of all the problems to encounter on this project today, I’m extremely relieved its just a dead battery

huh, arm micro controllers don’t support division or modulo

ok on second thought lets not use Xcode, ’tis a silly tool

oh well, looks like you can hack together a version of Xcode with the docket utility and there’s always the wayback machine

woooooow did Apple seriously deprecate docsets entirely?

Watching BFR right now is like the whole shuttle derived launch vehicle scramble but if they kept actually building hardware and then destroying it

I forgot how bike-unfriendly this road is.

• there’s a light I needed to make a left turn on that only changes when a car approaches, my bike doesn’t have enough metal to activate the lööp

• there’s another left turn into a shopping center that requires crossing traffic to get to from the bike lane

• there’s another intersection with a closed bike lane due to the city abandoning a construction project

I mean it’s not 12 hours spent driving and I think the trains have WiFi so it’s not the worst idea...

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