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Well there’s my problem, its not actually sending any data! This is the I2C equivalent of ringing a doorbell and running away

Having this analog discovery thing around is unimaginably useful

is For All Mankind what makes me finally update to Catalina?


I feel like the more times I hear people mention kubernetes the less I know what kubernetes is

I don’t know how people do this without an IDE because I cannot imagine having to hit compile just to see what fun new way I fucked up

“GATT is an acronym for the Generic Attribute Profile”

Thanks bluetooth

Orion pulse drive rocket but using gender reveal bombs

god dammit I have an essay due tonight along with a presentation and a midterm tomorrow and a circuit I have to finish soldering by thursday and god fucking dammit how will I get all this shit done

Nowhere on campus sells Arizona tea anymore, this is a travesty

Please stop saying “low poly” when you mean “not photorealistic”

Downsides of dating Gemini’s:
- no docking tunnel
- only seats 2
- launches on cancer juice rocket
- no LES


This is very alienating and it's pervasive in queer culture these days. I can't stand astrology and people tell me it's all harmless fun and to ignore it but it's so judgmental. I can't. I hate it.


Star Trek replicators cant make anything alive which means they can’t make yogurt

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