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Who called it a skunkworks anyway? Have you ever seen a skunk work a day in their lives

I assumed this was a modern touchscreen stylus at first glance

the more things change the more they stay the same


This inscribed Roman stylus is the most elaborate and expressive of its kind. The Roman equivalent of ‘I went to Rome and all I got you was this cheap pen’, it provides a touching personal insight into the humour of someone who lived nearly 2000 years ago!


How many times am I going to cut myself on aluminum heatsinks

looks like the number of custom emoji on crashes @mastonaut when I scroll down in the picker :cybre_glitch:

Why don’t we have CANDU reactors in the US

what's the point of a "smart" thermostat if my laptop's volume doesn't compensate for when it clicks on

oof. Yikes😬thanks for letting me know. Im softblocking right now. Sorry i saw a joke tweet he made a while back and followed. didn’t know he redacted vital information about the positive void coefficient in an RBMK-type reactor

I used runwayml to reconstruct this scene from The Last Jedi by having DeepLab recognize all the objects in each frame, and then having SPADE try to paint the original frame from the objects.
(if you're really sensitive to flashing images, you might want to play this frame-by-frame - the algorithm couldn't make up its mind about the background)


My setup for testing is extremely cursed. A wind-up emergency radio with an RCA adapter plugged into it (first thing I could find with a headphone jack) for input, speaker from an old TV with clearly the wrong impedance for output

Was given an audio amplifier with 2 dead channels to possibly get working and resell, and I successfully got a dead channel working again by replacing the blown fuses and pulling some bulging caps out. Replacement caps and fuses already ordered!

mass produced some custom silicon in Minecraft only to find an error and WHY DO REAL PROBLEMS HAVE TO BE IN A VIDEO GAME

Apollo 11 Hasselblad image from film magazine 40/S - EVA

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