Today I used dd correctly for the first time

😢 RIP Alexei Leonov, first space walker & space artist and first artist in space.

@diodelass less “antenna” more “giant inductive coupling with another coil on the other side of the planet”


NASA is still pretending depots dont exist

ROSCOSMOS has delayed Nauka to “eventually”

SPACEX is trying to rebuild the shuttle in the desert with a box of scraps

ULA is building the worlds largest Rube Goldberg machine

BLUE ORIGIN keeps forgetting to build a rocket

ROCKET LAB is going parachuting

FIREFLY is waiting for Joss Whedon’s autograph

RELATIVITY is still updating Cura

ARMADILLO ran out of Doom money

VECTOR probably never actually existed

@velartrill @kalium *gets beat up in an alley for using the word “you”*

@diodelass its ok, SpaceX is having fuel valve problems with their Dragon as well (it exploded)

CineboxAndrew: exactly
CineboxAndrew: big cardboard box full of MarCOs
CineboxAndrew: and just yeet those out the airlock on the first shakedown flight of Hermes

I’m getting mad again about how the entire plot of The Martian could have solved by just bringing a satphone

@rabcyr I wonder how much economic harm could be done with a microwave oven magnetron in the middle of the pennsylvania wilderness…

@rabcyr there’s an extremely bizarre history behind trying to get faster and faster links between NY and Chicago for stock exchange stuff. I think its currently a bunch of microwave relay towers (because thats faster than fiber optics)

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