Nukes mentioned, joke, gaming (Rimworld) 

@wholesomedonut hey that seems unfair!
*remembers when I held someone’s spine as ransom for them to join my colony*
Ok actually good plan

SpaceX unveiling the first rocket to be made out of paper mâché

@david @eris a person with a calculator and a piece of paper is a lisp

@freakazoid but also like, businesses pay almost nothing for fountain drinks

@videogame_hacker why do they call it bézier when you béz in the cold bezos béz out hot eat the bezos

What kind of name is SBB CFF FFS anyway, are you a train company or are you sneezing

Video games satisfy engineers’ escapist fantasies of being handed well-defined projects with consistent requirements and clear scope / schedule / budget, declaring them complete and moving on once the acceptance criteria are met, and being rewarded with praise for their work

I see Alaska’s having a pretty normal one right now

anyway this was the topology meme that cursed me i have no fucking idea what this means

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