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@robotcarsley @radicalrobit just ask the Montreal, Maine, and Atlantic how well that went for them and an entire Canadian town

Nice of nasa to schedule the next launch attempt for a more reasonable hour

This is my stance on #mushrooms. They are elder horrors beyond are comprehension. And some of them are tasty 🍄 #sporespondence

I’m sorry I can’t work today I’m too busy panicking that sharks are older than Saturns rings

@minervissa I was entrusted with the root password for every lab computer at my university for a while. Still a little baffled by that one.

@faho I had no idea this was a regional thing! Assuming I’m thinking of the same thing

if you cant complete the thing you want in 8-12 hours its obviously not worth doing

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one thing I've learned from WTYP is you should never ever do a shift change

Jesus Christ tar files are such a mess


Call the scrub so I can go back to sleep please

illustration from the soviet children's book "home in orbit" 1975

@JRandomHacker yeah I’m trying to get a invite but haven’t heard back

If anyone has instance suggestions where you think I might fit in please let me know

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