re: computer problems 

computer problems 

computer problems 

@vantablack this happened with a city I was a part of in a public server and it became a running joke that the city was communist. Which meant a lot of fun brutalist architecture :D

every day on twitter, someone has a completely terrible take, and everyone spends the day dunking on them.

on mastodon, someone has a completely baffling take and you just see the ripples of people being like "what the fuck do you mean, roleplaying as ikea furniture is fascist"

@roxy @NovaSquirrel I haven’t had any issues running non-signed binaries 🤷‍♂️

@NovaSquirrel @roxy you can usually do Mac builds on other OSs, at least Unity can

@roxy weird, does Gamemaker require a Mac to do Mac builds?


Help I’m considering rewatching The Expanse for like the 5th time

Shadows at night always cast straight down, regardless of the light source, including headlights/taillights that don’t normally cast shadows in the game

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There’s also some weird lighting stuff, like trailers don’t cast shadows when they’re not attached to a truck

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SnowRunner has some weird trailing artifacts sometimes, I think it must be using Temporal AA, but I feel like all the stuff it’s running into could be worked around?

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