@emsenn Subpixel AA is at the same time the best and worst thing

disabling safe-search gives results

are oil refineries NSFW now or something?

Oh lawd he comin

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Not all the ships look like ships. The Ramform Titan is a new class of seismic ship that is easily the most powerful and efficient in the world buff.ly/2H9jgVN

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Rainmaker1973/stat

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@amic @tsturm I see this was made after the 1993 breakup of czechoflorida

Here is a NASA research paper about a ZANY idea: Turning astroids into clockwork space squid.🌌🦑

They'd fly themselves around the solar system by growing tentacles that they use to throw rocks behind them. It's mostly powered by reaction wheels. 😳

(PDF link. 75 pages) nasa.gov/sites/default/files/a

I took a nap and had a dream I was helping to film a movie on a soundstage in orbit. Dream me argued that this was preferable to filming on earth since you could film zero-g and full-g (or anything in between) in the same place by just adjusting the spin of the studio

@goat this goes through my mind every time I see the “Only Bike” text when riding to class

I like to think the Air Force has a black budget for fucking with ufologists

Gotten to the point where instead of working around all the broken features of KSP I’m just replacing them

@janellecshane you have to put “A featureless masterpiece” on the inside front cover now right?

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