Julian: I'm gonna remove my nervous system so I won't be nervous anymore.
Julian: I can't believe no one else had this good idea.

@starwall I know this isn’t going to be what destroys trump forever but a man can hope

Current status: staring at a high side driver waiting for it to overheat

machine learning is amazing because you take a bunch of data you don't have permission to use and a few million matrix multiplications later you can generate the wrong answer to any question

I enjoy the idea of a font that's subtly "wrong" in various humorous ways. :D The italic variant could lean to the left? A single letter could have serifs? Would be happy to include your ideas! #malkränzchen

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@liaizon how stupid do they think the nurses are

“Yeah just give me the injection right here “*flops a giant rubber arm onto a table*

@selfsame @be the fact the most deployed operating system is probably some weird Java thing is definitely up there in cursed computer lore

@wim_v12e I guess it’s only temporary until CAHSR gets built anyways

If software is eating the world, why do software companies keep pivoting to hardware?

@wim_v12e …so I shouldn’t feel bad about flying to see my parents once a year

5 different aliens running into each other at Vasquez Rocks like “woah, you guys have these too?”

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That’s why starfleet is headquartered on SF, aliens can feel right at home with just a short trip out of town

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