I know this book is fiction but Cryptonomicon describes a set of three universities “a third of the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles” and I cannot for the life of me figure out where that might be. Monterey?

If you’re a mother who works in infosec and is an inspiration to others then you’re a cryptomomicon

"The dictionary’s founder, Eduard Wölfflin, described entries in the TLL as “biographies” of words. The first entry, for the letter A, was published in 1900. The TLL is expected to reach its final word – “zythum”, an Egyptian beer – by 2050." independent.co.uk/news/long_re

and I just realized the search bar is on the left and styled differently from any other search bar in the OS (its darker and looks inset instead of slightly outset)

What the fuck is with the layout of the mac version of Apple music. What is this area even *doing*

Yeah let’s just do a poster showcase outdoors in the rain what could go wrong

Reading up on printer toner. "What the hell does triboelectric mean?"

Looks it up.

Absolutely amazing accompanying photo.


Yggdrasil encrypted overlay network 

@wikihow bore him to death by explaining dimensional analysis?

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