ah, ImageMagick can do it, but without the alpha channel in the DXT1, and ImageMagick’s S3TC conversion is a little bad in general

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Does anyone know how to make a NPOT dds file (DXT1)? Neither crunch or nvcompress appear to support generating them. I know its possible since KSP has some built in for agency logos

Complaining to the CEO of math about how matrix multiplication is backwards

there's the piano part of the piano and then there's the rest of the piano

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Uspol, protests (+++) 

@ben I mean you can definitely do beamforming with sound but I see what you mean

What the actual fuck did Unity do to C# to make my constructors return null

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I still have no idea what I’m doing but at least now I know how to use shader variants

theres a lot of annoying write-onliness about unity materials. so many things that you just… cant read back, like what keywords are possible for the shader

oh fuck wait if the drones can talk i know where we're heading:

"Aieou... aieou..."

Tom opened one eye at the window and groaned.

"John MADDEN! John MADDEN!" "Nine nine nine, nine nine nine -" "Aieou!" "Uuuuuuuuuuu-"

Five o'clock. Five o'clock in the morning, and the drones had already started singing.

"John MADDEN!" "Football!" "Nine nine nine -"

Tom put his pillow over his head and screamed into it. He always hated Moonbase Alpha season.

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