Oh lawd he comin

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Not all the ships look like ships. The Ramform Titan is a new class of seismic ship that is easily the most powerful and efficient in the world buff.ly/2H9jgVN

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I’m watching Star Trek: Enterprise and was curious what the warp factors correspond to, so I graphed it.

turns out it’s completely arbitrary. (source: memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/W)

Gave in and actually modeled the heating elements, looks even better now

I assumed this was a modern touchscreen stylus at first glance

the more things change the more they stay the same

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This inscribed Roman stylus is the most elaborate and expressive of its kind. The Roman equivalent of ‘I went to Rome and all I got you was this cheap pen’, it provides a touching personal insight into the humour of someone who lived nearly 2000 years ago! ow.ly/adXP50vbDtS

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Was given an audio amplifier with 2 dead channels to possibly get working and resell, and I successfully got a dead channel working again by replacing the blown fuses and pulling some bulging caps out. Replacement caps and fuses already ordered!

there's a print of this painting (along with the whole set) in the UCI MDEA lecture hall!

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A Lunar Module docks with its Command Module before the return journey by Robert McCall

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Microsoft demos ElectionGuard technology for securing electronic voting machines.

-new ElectionGuard SDK to be open-sourced on GitHub
-some voting machine vendors have already announced support for it
-uses new in-house-developed homomorphic encryption


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TIL about this thing... it’s like someone in the USSR misunderstood the LOR Apollo plans russianspaceweb.com/19k.html

why is the best EDA software I've used a FUCKING MINECRAFT MOD

Who needs pantographs when you can use double stacked containers instead.

I’m 100% down with the first space elevator being shaped like a guitar and serving expensive hamburgers

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Mood after seeing these pictures: grim resignation at the nonzero chance that Earth's first megastructure will be a Hard Rock

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