"wrap the suspension in insulation" he said. "it'll be fun" he said.

For some reason Siri on the watch doesn’t do unit conversion with fractions? It works with decimal values just fine

I had to hit “domain join” in order to make a normal not-online account. What the fuck is this shit

My presidential platform is to rearrange the US to make this map literal

RT @FarmPolicy@twitter.com

This map gives you a rough sense of all the ways U.S. land is used. Much of U.S. land serves specific purposes, such as the 2 million acres devoted to golf courses or the 3 million acres for airports.bloom.bg/37XnVYh

🐦🔗: twitter.com/FarmPolicy/status/

idk if I should try to figure out a steering linkage or not but I'm happy with this unconventional suspension

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