What the fuck is with the layout of the mac version of Apple music. What is this area even *doing*

Cool. Time to stop using twitter for good

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Twitter's TOS is changing on Jan 1, 2020 (only slightly, best I can tell).

It contains the same language, allowing them *OR ANYONE ELSE* to use your Content w/o approval or compensation.

One interesting change - they *explicitly* say your use of Twitter is itself compensation.

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Bike chain cover: repaired

Stainless steel is a terrible material to work with but it’s what I had

Brb printing a nuclear reactor on my Printrbot Simple

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😱A 3D printed nuclear reactor?
@ORNL@twitter.com researchers are working on it!
👉 Learn about the Transformational Challenge Reactor: tcr.ornl.gov

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Every time I see a sports headline I understand sports less

Huh, the shock absorbers on the LRV are under tension not compression, I wonder why?

Question: Can I live there?

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The @NASA_Marshall@twitter.com Systems Integrations Lab was certified for final tests of the @NASA_SLS@twitter.com🚀 "brain and nervous system:" integrated avionics & flight software. Here, engineers will run simulations to test launch, ascent & mission scenarios for I. go.nasa.gov/37ueDn2

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In which I realize I know basically nothing about how cars work

Sketched an idea on how a space elevator might change tracks using stations placed along the length of the tether

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