I wanted a horse made of antimatter, why am I getting all this other stuff

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Getting mad that NASA sold their locomotives. This is such a nice livery

A friend of mine made a model of Starship. I just wanted to share it here because it’s the first image I’ve seen of this thing that looks like a real object that could be manufactured, and not from magic CAD land reddit.com/r/SpaceXLounge/comm

Or at least, thats the only explanation I have for this behavior, which is documented but only happens on Windows afaict (differences between .NET and Mono stdlibs I guess)

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Modeled a 0.625m launch escape tower for smaller capsules, now I just have to figure out how to balance it, especially since the stock one’s stats are very silly.

I guess thats one way to supply electricity to trains under low bridges

New dog is anxious so I’ve been spending the day upstairs where I cant play SnowRunner, so I’m doing shader stuff again. I reworked my text shader so it can now do filled, outlined, or both. Slowly getting practice with SDFs, but still have to think through the math when combining them.

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