Artemis 1! just a week away!

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@cinebox One way or another it should be a good show. Although my heart is not really into this one. 15 years of development for a Shuttle-less Shuttle stack is ridiculous.

@tsturm I think a lot of the delay is having to get all the shuttle infrastructure back from scratch. If we had gone into a SDLV, even one identical to SLS, in the early 2010s things might have happened a lot faster

@tsturm in other words the DIRECT people were absolutely right but by the time shuttle stopped flying it was already way too late

@tsturm also constellation was never workable. No international collaboration and a shoestring budget meant it was just begging to get canceled

@cinebox I had a book as a kid that showed the then-future shuttle with variants that I’ve never seen after that. I vaguely remember at least one of them was essentially SLS - in a book from 1977ish.

There was one wild one that was essentially just the crew cabin of a shuttle riding on the side of a giant rocket (SLS +?) with 4 SRBs.

@cinebox Best rocket $5B can buy. You can buy a better rocket for a lot less, but this is the best one $5B gets you.

Let's have them actually succeed, despite every other launch they've done having problems.

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