Downloaded a Gerber viewer and the download page had an ad for space themed PCB coasters and just. You can’t do this to me.

One of them has a Saturn V on it. Please. My money.

@cinebox Given how cheap it is to get PCBs from Chinese shops, I'm not at all surprised people are using them for coasters. It's super cheap to do a whole panel at a time. Might be a little more expensive to get them to cut the odd shapes. Could have JLCPCB do a panel for you and split them with your friends :D

@cinebox Lots of margin, then. Or maybe they're making them in the US?

$40 would get you like 20 RC2014-sized boards from JLCPCB. Including shipping, which would be half of the cost.

@cinebox I was just about to order the space set, but they lack a "check out as guest" feature.

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