From that mars fungus paper: This just looks like soil being disturbed and revealing more spherules to me, not growth.


but damn if it doesnt look like alive. and they're everywhere!

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in this image, the blueberries all appear "detached" from the soil where they're buried, while normal rocks are more mixed into the soil

@cinebox I think the funniest* outcome would be if they were, in fact, fungi... that hitched a ride on one of our early probes & found Mars hospitable


@cinebox huh, yeah, like they've recently shrunk or something
They also look all fuzzy, though that could just be the camera

@cinebox Also they're organically round, not unevenly bounced around like the rocks. They might grow really slowly with so little energy, so we wouldn't see growth. But I really want to see a stem in clear focus.

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