“a few kilowatts per hour” what the fuck, Popular Mechanics

@cinebox i suppose “kilowatts continuously” would be better.

i thought maybe you had an issue with the amount, while you can run plenty off 30A service if you have gas appliances.

@cinebox anyway, it’s *Popular* Mechanics, not Technical Mechanics!

@rabcyr with rooftop solar my family’s power draw is more like 200W (and we sell more than that during the day) :D

@cinebox yeah, with led lights and even my work mbp running off a 5W 2.1A USB port just fine… modern stuff is quite efficient. a rather small solar setup on a travel trailer could easily cover all electrical needs (considering the fridge and ac can also run on propane).

@cinebox can you tell me more about your solar setup? how big it is? but i also guess you’re not off-grid, huh.

@rabcyr yeah we’re not off the grid (in fact the inverter needs power from the grid to have something to synchronize to) but we have net billing, and produce more than we use, so the power bill is just zero.

Theres 13 1m x 1.7m panels on the roof, producing around 4.5kW peak, which is more than enough for a family of 4

@rabcyr we don’t have a battery so we do pull from the grid at night (that’s what the 200W number I mentioned was)

@cinebox yeah ok that's a huge system (especially for not off-grid) when thinking about a travel trailer. 3kW of panels would comfortably cover our home usage, but i doubt there's even space for that on the trailer.

i'm looking at a $900 system with 400W panels and can expand to 800W, and then batteries which are… *expensive*

a 100Ah 12v LiFePO4 is $900, and i'd prolly want 2 of them (i'd start with 1 tho).

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