So EV chargers are basically just gigantic surge protectors, yeah?

@cinebox Do they even protect against surge? DC fast chargers obviously have more electronics, but levels 1 and 2 seem to just be really fancy connectors for 110 and 220 VAC, respectively. In Europe I'm guessing it's either 220 and 440 or just a difference in currents.

@freakazoid I mean they have to do *something* to cost $300 a pop

@cinebox Mine has wifi and can do its own scheduling. It also tells me how much energy it added to the car, but I'm guessing it's just getting some kind of signal from the car rather than actually measuring.

@freakazoid yeah we just got one of those (the Juicebox) but even the standard OEM level 1 ones with nothing more than a few LEDs are several hundred dollars

@cinebox I didn't realize that. I just use the brick that came with my car for level 1. I have a ChargePoint hardwired level 2 charger I paid $350 or $400 for after the (at the time) Google employee rebate.

@kaniini @cinebox Level 2 requires a 40 amp 220 circuit in the US, which you can't get out of a regular wall outlet in Europe. Does that mean you can't charge from a wall socket in Europe? (Also, are there standalone level 1 chargers in the US? I figured it was just the charger that came with the car.)

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